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Nautilus Brass Quintet

Firmly committed to the creation and performance of new works for brass instruments, the Nautilus Brass Quintet (NBQ) has established itself as a premier new music ensemble. Since its founding in 2010, continued to actively seek and perform cultivated art music written for its genre, both by working with commissioning partners -- most recently, New York City's "Vox Novus" and the Women Composers Festival of Hartford -- as well as maintaining an open call for scores from composers around the world. Since 2014, the Quintet has premiered 23 new works written specifically for the ensemble, cementing itself as a sought-after group of musicians committed to the music of our time.

Part of the Quintet's commitment to new music also means helping to educate audiences as well as the next generation of musicians. Nautilus Brass Quintet recitals always contain spoken elements to help those less familiar with modern music understand what they are about to hear. To help educate young musicians, NBQ has taken part in several educational initiatives; from kids concerts in Connecticut and Massachusetts public schools (partnering with the Ossen Fund for the Arts and Symphony Nova in those states, respectively) to participating as artists-in-residence at San Jose State University's "Summer in the City" music program, the members of the Quintet understand the importance of not only being excellent musicians but also excellent ambassadors for the arts.

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