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Below are two sample recital programs from previous seasons.  NBQ maintains an extensive repertoire of both new and standard works and would be happy to work with you, the presenter, to craft the perfect program for your audience.

"Modern Brass"

This program showcases repertoire almost exclusively written for the brass quintet.  Lutoslawski’s “Mini Overture” was written in 1982 and is the oldest piece written for the brass quintet genre on this program.  We contrast this angular and dissonant yet exciting opener with transcriptions of three madrigals by Renaissance composer Josquin, giving the audience a chance to see NBQ showcase its trademark musicality and ensemble ability.

Jessica Meyer’s “Luminosity” was written for the Nautilus Brass and premiered in 2016 by the ensemble.  Clear melodic material is present, and the work showcases both expected and unexpected colors and textures that are unique to brass instruments.  This recital closes with “Passages” by French composer Patrice Caratini.  This five movement work explores various jazz colors, forms, and harmonies as only brass instruments can present them.


Lutoslawski - Mini Overture

Josquin des Prez - Three Madrigals

Meyer - Luminosity


Caratini - Passages

"Classic Brass"

Highlighting the standard repertoire for brass quintet, our “Classic Brass” recital program takes the audience on a journey through time using a mix of original repertoire and high-quality transcriptions.  For audiences who may be unfamiliar with the genre, this program is a great introduction.

J.S. Bach - My Spirit Be Joyful

Copland - Grover's Corners

Calvert - Suite from The Monteregian Hills


Gabrieli – Canzon per Sonar a 4

Ewald - Quintet No. 3

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